Available Positions

Research Assistant Position - Uri Hasson

A research assistant position is available in the Hasson lab at the Department of Psychology and Princeton Neuroscience Institute at Princeton University. The candidate should assist and support the ongoing research in the Hasson lab.  This will include, among other, running behavioral experiments, collecting data in fMRI experiments at Princeton and collecting ECoG data at the epilepsy unit at NYU medical center in Manhattan. The ideal candidates will have a bachelor degree of above in either neuroscience, psychology, computer science, biomedical engineering, or a related field.  A prior experience with programing or neuroimaging research is beneficial but not necessary. For further information and informal discussions, please contact Uri Hasson. Email: hasson@princeton.edu. The term of this appointment is for one year, with the possibility of renewal based upon satisfactory performance and funding. Applicants should apply by email and include a cover letter, a curriculum vitae and contact information of at least one person they worked with.